D&M Welding utilizes a variety of processes to cut your metal products to the design specifications required. Whether working with sheet metal or structural, our team and equipment capabilities are ready for your project. Our list includes:

  • Shearing
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Plasma Table
  • Laser Table

Featured Equipment:
Metal cutting technology continuously advances. Therefore D&M Welding has invested in the latest in sheet metal laser cutting technology. Our Bystronic fiber laser allows us to deliver parts more accurately and rapidly than ever before. Utilizing state of the art computer technology, we can work with a variety of file types to ensure your design is produced to your exact specifications.

BySmart 3015 6kW

  • 5’ x 10’ Cutting Table
  • All metal types – Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper
  • 1” thick cutting capability
  • BySoft7 software, provides connection between design software, laser, and pressbrake.