Sheet metal bending provides the fabricator a means to bring 2-dimensional blanks into a 3-dimensional part. Small or large, thick or thin, D&M Welding offers a range of bending services to form whatever product you have in mind. From small brackets, medium sized enclosure boxes, large fire rings, and beyond, the possibilities are limitless with our bending capabilities. Our main sheet metal bending equipment are:

  • Sheet Metal Roller
  • 80-ton CNC press brake
  • 140-ton CNC press brake
  • Manual bending techniques

Featured Equipment:
Coupled with our Bystronic fiber laser, our Bystronic Xpert 80 Press Brake gives us top of the line bending accuracy and unmatched forming speed. Whether is unique individual pieces meeting tight tolerances or rapid production high volume bending, the Xpert 80 and our fabricators are here to produce for you.

The Xpert80

  • 5’ wide bed
  • ¼” thick material capacity
  • BySoft7 software connectivity communicates from design to laser to press brake to ensure parts meet expectations
  • SPEED! 1100 bends per hours capable