You are currently viewing Case Study: Custom Ladle

At D&M Welding we use our fiber laser, press brake & skilled welders to provide custom solutions to save clients’ money.

We were presented a Ladle cover to fabricate as a replacement for a furnace. Traditionally they used structural angle iron roll formed in a circle & flame cut with 1/8” gaps every 10 degrees which takes time to perfect. This allows poured materials to flow easily through the 1/8” gaps during casting process.

Our solution was to use our BySmart 6kW fiber laser to produce two flat pieces. The first was a circle with1/8” gaps already cut ready to assemble. This saved significant time in production as individual flame cuts takes more time. The second piece was a flat strip rolled into the diameter of the circle needed, then welded together with the base circle.

Because plate steel is more cost effective than structural it kept costs down for the customer. Additionally, the modifications to the process allowed us to cut significant time out of the overall fabrication of the part.

The result, our customer was pleased with the overall quality and cost savings realized for the replacement fabricated piece.