OEM/Tier 1 Manufacturing Support Products


Having a strong foundation as a producer of Block Racks, D&M Welding began producing racks for other industries as well.  After more than two decades of various opportunities to produce Carrier Racks we began focusing on producing quality manufacturing support products for OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers in the automotive industry.  When your industry changes, let our team with years of experience help with design and implementation.  Our goal is to keep you focused on producing quality automotive parts.  Using our family approach to business, let us show you how it is to be treated like family!

Carrier Racks

From car windshields to semi instrument panels, our fabricators have experience producing a variety of complex Carrier Racks.  Our material arrives cut to size for quick assembly.  We stage the material in sub-assembled sections for maximum efficiency and time savings.  

Rack Dunnage

Through our carefully selected network of suppliers, we are set up to provide the necessary dunnage for the specific parts that each rack carries.  Whether its plastic molding, custom foam inserts, or rack labeling, we are geared to provide the necessary pieces for your rack needs.

Coating Service 

Our coating service is as simple or complex as can be imagined.  Manufacturers supplying multiple OEMs may require custom paint colors for each specific OEM.  Does your rack require stenciling or safety yellow painted posts?  Whatever the need, we are prepared to meet your coating needs.

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