Concrete Industry Support Products


Founded as Dayton Brick Company, the business was purchased by Clarence McCarroll in 1974. Maintaining the block plant, the McCarroll family added D&M Welding to supplement the existing business.  Under the new business name, the company quickly found success supporting other concrete block manufacturers.  Today we continue that family legacy and still remain the premier block rack manufacturer in the United States.  Let our family be the foundation for your business.

Block Racks

Block Rack systems for generations have supported the concrete industry.  Our fabricators produce each rack to design specifications.  With decades of rack designs on file and an expert team to reverse engineer any configuration, we are here to keep your facility in production.  In addition, we offer value-added services such as on-site consultations and protective greasing to protect and extend the life of your investment. 

Steel Pallets

Pallets start from new, discrete plate material.  Plates are cut with precision cutting to certify that each pallet meets tolerance, flattened to meet or exceed industry flatness tolerance, and carefully inspected for sharp edges.   

Rail Packages

One of the many additional services we provide to assist your business, custom rail packages are designed and fabricated to meet the specific needs of your plant. 

Rack Coating

D&M Welding provides numerous options to help increase the longevity of the life of your Block Rack investment.  We can grease your new racks here and provide grease for the maintenance of your racks in use. 

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